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Risk Assessments

Safety On Site is a One-Stop shop for all your health and safety requirements.

How Safe Is Your Operation? 

Unsure whether you are conforming to Health & Safety Law & Legislation?
Contact Safety On Site and we will review your current systems and processes to ensure your company is compliant.

Risk Assessments

It goes without saying that you cannot effectively protect against risk unless you know what the risks are. As part of your health & safety policy (link to H & S page) you should have a detailed assessment of your business premises which needs to be kept up to date with your changing working environment.
You should also have a documented risk assessment which pertains to remote workers such as home workers, salesmen, drivers etc.

Corporate Manslaughter Act

The Corporate Manslaughter act states that companies can be found guilty of corporate manslaughter as a result of serious management failures resulting in a gross breach of a duty of care. Without a risk assessment and associated actions that are put in place, documented and measured, companies are putting themselves at risk of contravening this act and also putting employees at risk because of lack of awareness.

You are Safe with Safety On Site

Safety On Site provide a comprehensive risk assessment service which includes a full report of manageable risks and the recommendations to handle these. Where risks are found to be out of reasonable control we will recommend remedies for you to put in place for best health & safety practice and to keep you compliant with legislation.

Professional Advice & Information

For more information on our consultancy service or any aspect of our training courses please call us on 01327 872066 or 07976 819814. Alternatively please complete our short contact form.

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